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Case Study # 1 Large multi-million dollar CPG company At least FIVE major goals were accomplished by using IntellaPac Pro software.
Goal #1 – Have clear, concise, interactively linked specifications, BOM’s, dielines, art files, pallet patterns, SOP’s, test procedures, etc., that are easily maintained .
Goal #2 – Have internal control by having a common repository of the above that are easily maintained and accessible internally and to our vendors with password protection.
Goal #3 – Assist in Global Integration and better communications with existing co-packers, new ABC acquisitions and co-packers
Goal #4 – Save money by consolidating label sizes, bottles, corrugated purchases, etc.
Goal #5 – Streamline speed to market initiatives by having up-to-date, correct information available to all involved parties in real-time.
Case Study # 2 Multi-billion dollar international bottler
Vendor created, fragmented specs reside with the vendors.
Many items do not have specs written for them.
No centralized location for dies lines.
Many items do not have die lines created for them.
Speed to market delayed during approval process.
Vague SOP's exist for the approval of new items/changes. Specific individuals are not listed as the responsible parties. Very little control over the process.
Packaging projects are slowed by not having the proper information at hand.
We are leaving money on the table by not properly consolidating label sizes, corrugated, etc.
No centralized location for machinery specs exists, if they exist at all.
Changes in a single component that may affect multiple finished packages cannot be properly tracked.
A common language, i.e., common template, does not exist for the limited number of specs that are written.
Specs, BOM's, pallet patterns, revisions, etc. are not linked.
No documentation of testing, if any is done at all, is kept.
The machinery list and capabilities of our company owned plants and co-packers (26) in the US alone, are not in a single location.
Case Study # 3 Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Marketing Department adopted a less expensive packaging material for many of the company’s 200 Items. Specification changes were made and new materials brought in and used. A year later it was learned that over 100 items were overlooked in the change over, resulting in excess packaging costs of $300,000.
Case Study #4 Large Food Company
Making over 500 items at a single facility they wanted to reduce the number of items and vendors, but lacked updated documentation for all the items. The review process consumed over a year, delaying an annual savings in excess of $1,000,000.
Case Study #5 Large agricultural commodity processor
Encounter an increasing difficulty in meeting customers’ size specifications. Management suspected the problem was due, in part to excessive concentration in a limited range of finished product types. With over 1,000 items, it took several months to find the cause of the problem.
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