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Corporate Benefits

Cost Reductions with global buying
IntellaPac Pro makes all local specifications visible to the central purchasing department and provides a communication channel to harmonized specifications among all local plants.

Faster Time to Market
IntellaPac Pro substantially speeds up and streamlines communication between departments during product development processes. It minimizes the time needed to administer information, enter it into business information systems, and communicate it to business partners and regulatory authorities.

Increased Manufacturing Flexibility
IntellaPac Pro accelerates integration of newly acquired plants and co-manufacturers.

Manage Product Liability
IntellaPac Pro removes the specter of incorrect, outdated, or unapproved specifications and the resulting potential for financial risk and inefficiency.

Improves Business Process Efficiency
IntellaPac Pro reduces the time spent on administration and communication of product specifications. It avoids wasting energy on correcting communication errors. It focuses on creating agile, high value-added business processes.

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