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Database Approach: Document management now means users have access to all information in a document, not just to the document as a whole.

Standardize Format & Content: The system uses pre-defined templates for each specification type, standardized to accommodate all your company's data requirements. Over 40 pre-defined industry packaging templates are available. Drop-down lists, with pre-entered data, are used wherever possible to speed data entry and reduce errors.

Attachments: A wide range of associated documentation can be included as an integral part of the IntellaPac Pro system. CAD drawings, artwork, image and graphic files, text documents, etc. can be viewed and printed.

Security: User access is controlled by ID and password. Each user is assigned a security level and an approval capability. These control access to documents and the action that can be taken on them: creation, modification, approval, view only. Security levels and responsibilities, approval processes and routing are configurable to individual company requirements.

Search & Reporting: Based on a powerful and sophisticated relational database provides access to multi-field searches for reviewing and exporting information. Users can generate reports to further enhance the value of the data in the system. Reports can be set for private, individual use, or can be made available for viewing and/or modifying by other users. Data extracted from IntellaPac Pro data can be exported for use in software like Microsoft Word or Excel.

History: A full audit history is automatically generated for each and every document. Comprehensive details are automatically recorded for creation, modification and approval: name of user, date, details of action. Users can also view past versions of specification.

Aids in compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 guidelines: Provides documentation and verification of processes, including routing & approval, electronic signatures, automatic audit trails and historical archiving required to meet requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, ISO and other certification programs.

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