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IP Enterprises announces the release of IntellaPac Pro 5.0/Viper. Viper replaces IP Pro 3.x0.

Accurate specifications management is a major driver of product quality, cost and ultimately product equity. Complex and important tasks like these are best realized through a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform. New SQF code
mandates that packaging specifications are documented and maintained the same as raw materials.

Specifications are the descriptors of materials and processes. This data is required to produce, package and ship a product. A single product could has dozens of different specifications, from raw materials and formulas to manufacturing processes, shipping and handling. In time, specifications proliferate exponentially across an organization, which increases costs and complexity.
The value of specifications is increased exponentially when they are intelligently and dynamically related to one another. Specification changes are accurately and automatically populated across all related specifications if a real-time system is developed and implemented.
Therefore, Product DATA Management (PDM) is an essential component of a Product Lifecycle Management platform. It is a core driving force for any Corporate Specification Management Strategy.
Viper build on the, web native software is completely compatible with any companies systems whether they are an ERP, stand alone or bolt-on.
IntellaPac Pro Viper 5.0 adds functionality that includes simple but sophisticated template builders, enhanced routing/notification functionality, increased audit reporting and item reporting while maintaining IntellaPac Pro’s 3.0x0 flexibility, ease of use and its bank of customizable standardized specification and instruction templates.
IntellaPac enables companies to manage the entire Product Data Management process from development of the packaging specification to the BOM level including integration with the Print (artwork process), Shipping, Storage SOP, Quality with workflow, rules based routing and approval to rollout. This will provide a single view of an entire item in a version control environment.
IntellaPac Pro 5.0/Viper streamlines your Product Data management; this will result in fewer processes and errors while reducing operational cost which will help facilitate in adding dollars to your bottom line.
The low TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP combined with Savings, Rapid implementation and with the standardizing of data for Compliance and Quality issues is must for your enterprise.
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